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     Armadel Artworks is an online gallery and store featuring the various creations and services of Jonathan Rigby. We offer handbound leather journals, original oil paintings, carved antler jewelery, custom knives, and many other works of art.


Artist Statement

The use of shape, volume and spacial extension as symbolic metaphor for abstract states of psyche and intellectual concepts has been my preoccupation. Of especial interest to me is the attempt to visually represent the structures of the unconscious. By unconscious I mean that region of reality where thoughts come from before their emergence into our conscious experience. It is quite mysterious to me how a sequence of ideas or images can emerge fully formed into our experience, with no prior participation from the conscious mind, and naturally insists on the question of the nature and location of thoughts' genesis.

The membrane of interaction between the conscious and unconscious minds is a symbolic phantasmagoria of association and imagery, the geology and architecture of which is an interference pattern of conscious and unconscious content. This is the landscape that has drawn my creative interest, and its exploration is the enterprise that has dictated the style of my approach to painting.

A particular mode of alchemy is accomplished when a conversation is established between the conscious and unconscious minds by leaving a sort of mental space for the emergence of progressively larger information blocks from the unconscious. Composition for me becomes more an act of discovery through listening and observing the emerging forms as they arrive from the unconscious and painting them, than the more usual method of visual invention by heavily editing the content as it emerges into consciousness by the act of purely aesthetic composition, thereby obscuring most unconscious symbolic content.

I live in Portland, Oregon, and maintain an avid interest in the secret doings of nature, which I occasionally narrate visually with paintings. Enjoy.

                                                                       - jon rigby

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