Paintings Paintings Creation 128334994 The Golden Key This painting is a metaphorical piece about the landscapes of the mind that occur during transcendental meditations. On the lower left a figure sits in concentration before an altar. In one hand is a lock, signifying a question or puzzlement, in the other hand is the end of a cord running along an inward path. Also some acorns on the altar imply a relationship with the tree that the cord ascends before crossing the multicolored bridge that the figure's double follows to a higher space upon a stack of books brought in the knapsack that the cord is tied to. The second figure passes a second candle, signifying another point of concentration. In the higher space sits Ganesh in an energetic form, holding the image of a key. This image projects through the window of the higher space, through a split in space and time, signified by the compass and square beside the pocket watch to return to the waiting figure below. 128334995 Smoke Ring a self portrait 128335079 Alchemy 128335080 City in the Sky City in the Sky shows a fabulous floating city under minor renovation, with many flying ships and even a misplaced galleon. The galleon has sent out a longboat with the captain and a rower with a telescope and a map to ascertain the situation. The foreground boat has a drunk at the tiller, and a reclining first mate. It corresponds to air. 130837420 City by the Sea City by the Sea shows tiny figures on a cityscape of surrealistically shifting scale, demonstrating the modern condition of having built upon the ruins of fallen and ancient magnificence. There is an astrolobe, huge to the scale of the figures, and in the sky the moon moves on a rail just like it's tiny model within the astrolobe, completing the play on scale. It corresponds to water. 130837686 City Besieged City Besieged shows the destruction of the city by twin fiery dragons, and a complex escape boat of symbolism. It corresponds to fire. 130838017 Green Girl 130838437 Subterranean City Subterranean City is about consciousness, here symbolized by the bound dragon, and it's relationship to the senses, which are the windows looking outside of the surreal interior mindspace of the main area of the painting. It corresponds to earth. 130837604 stairs 130838438 Euryale 130838439 forest fire 130838440 ghost ship 130838441 dark angel 130838442 ghost ship 130838443 white peacock 130838444 scholarship 130838445 city of seven sisters 130838446 firetower 130838447 isfahan 130838448 peace 130838549 the Veil 130945799 in the bottle 131552531 clonevat 170499840 artificial intelligence 170499841 musestruck 170499883 megalomancer 170502553 particle collision 170502554 particle collision 170502555 dark city 170502556 sustainable man 170502557 politics 170502558 particle collision 170502694 the game 170502695 170505239 170505240 170505242 frostdragon 170505243 170505426 the philosopher 176890976 the field 176890977 shrine of mary magdalene 176890978 waiting 176890979 airtree 176890980 glass mask 182430814 hummingbird 184999716 185001598 185001599 185001600 185001601 185001602 185494176 think about it. 185924133 188387310 188387311 188387312 war in heaven 189476008