~Armadel Artworks~

Unique handmade artifacts


      Armadel Artworks thrives on commision orders, and we are happy to promptly and expertly create hand bound books, portraits and symbolic oil paintings, antler jewelry, leather gear, and specialty knives to order.

     To make a custom order send us an email at greenarmadel@gmail.com or use the Contact Us page.



Our unique books are handmade to last forever.

     Finely crafted from mahogany wood and high quality leather, they are bound in solid brass fittings with acid free paper and are superbly suited for a personal journal, family history or genealogy, guestbook, sketch journal, portfolio art archive, or permanent binding for any printed material.

   The pages are replaceable with standard sized paper (8 ½”x 11” three hole punch), so when the archive is completed or you make a mistake simply unscrew the brass fitting bolts with a screwdriver and replace the pages!


     Each book is individually designed and constructed, ensuring the highest quality of craftsmanship, and we can produce a wide range of wood and leather designs based on your preference. Book prices range from $75 to $250, depending upon the materials and complexity of the design.





    Our paintings are the unique work of Jonathan Rigby, and we are happy to offer oil portaraits for weddings or memorials, and symbolic specialty art to order.

     Many "paintings" are produced by running a photo through a paint texture filter on photoshop. While economical, this method lacks the distinctive stylization that only results from a skilled painter rendering an image through the artistic lens of the creative process, and so with an authentic oil painting a more interesting image can be done, with more emotional and spiritual content than is possible through automatic photo filters.

     Here is a portrait Jon painted of Terrabella, compared with the original photo.



     This portrait is large, 30" x 40", and we offer original oil paintings in this size range for around $500. Smaller portraits, around 12"x 16" are $250. Paintings may include couples and families as well.

     In addition to portraiture, we offer many surrealist symbolic oil paintings, and can do custom work based on your specifications. See the Photo Gallery section of the website to view our collection of paintings.

     Consider ordering an oil painting from Armadel Artworks to commemorate a special event such as a Wedding or Memorial. 

Antler jewelry

     We offer a wide range of antler jewelry, including carved finger rings set with stones, necklaces and pendants, and unique wearable sculpture of many kinds.



     We love custom orders for jewelry! for more carvings check out the

 Photo Gallery  


   We make fine knives with handles and sheaths of carved antler set with stones. Often we use damascus steel, though we do not make the blades, but instead purchase them from specialty artisans.

    Each knife is a unique piece of sculpture, and prices range from $100 to $1200.

    We welcome custom knife orders 

Leather gear

    We design and fabricate many leather accouterments, including bracers and bracelets, armbands, beltpouches, and lighter holsters.


   Order yours today!